ACUSON Sequoia Ultrasound System

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The original ACUSON Sequoia™ is arguably the most popular ultrasound system we have ever created. In image quality, color sensitivity and advanced imaging modes, ACUSON Sequoia was – and still is an industry benchmark. The new ACUSON Sequoia is a remarkable evolution of a product that was so right in so many ways.

Taking ultrasound to new height with BioAcoustic™ Imaging Technology

Guesture detecting transducers

DAX Transducer

7VC2 Abdominal Volume Transducer

ACUSON Sequoia combines carefully assembled components to accurately track ultrasound signals. This includes power supplies, receivers, graphics processing units, compact-pinless transducer connectors, and lens, all aimed at preserving signal acoustic fidelity. Siemens Healthineers terms this technology BioAcoustic imaging.

With our unique multi-touch sensors, you can now easily double tap anywhere on your transducer to active it and start scanning without losing touch with your patient.

Together with the ACUSON Sequoia we can for the first time deliver unprecedented images at depth without compromising diagnostic quality. DAX (Deep Abdominal Transducer) can penetrate as deep as 55cm.

The newly released abdominal volume transducer, 7VC2 has 45% deeper 2D penetration* and 30% higher VPS combined with advanced rendering addressing clinical needs in obstetric imaging.


InFocus Imaging

eSieCalcs Technology

Slow Flow Color Doppler

Virtual Touch Strain Elastography

Fully-focused imaging of the liver and IVC utilizing InFocus Technology that delivers image uniformity throughout the field of view.

Fully-focused imaging of the thyroid utilizing InFocus Technology and eSieCalcs. eSieCalcs uses pattern recognition technology to find the borders of a mass, which may allow for quicker and more consistent measurements.

Using smart filters and adaptive signal enhancement, slow flow can image smaller, low-flow vessels further into tissue like this kidney with reduced flash artifact.

Provides a simple and qualitative measurement of lesion stiffness relative to the surrounding tissue, support in Thyroid, Breast, Prostate and MSK exam.

Auto pSWE and UDFF

Virtual Touch 2D SWE

Fusion Imaging

Velocity Vector Imaging

Rapidly reduce liver elastography acquisition time with a liver fat assessment tool that helps reduce time and operator variability by acquiring up to 15 valid pSWE measurements in less than 5 seconds.

Display qualitative and quantitative color maps to measure shear wave speed with precision and repeatability, support in Abdomen, Thyroid, Breast and MSK exam.

Combine imaging modalities as demonstrated in this example of CT and ultrasound fusion for improved diagnostic confidence.

Assess myocardial motion and mechanics with global longitudinal strain (GLS), global circumferential strain (GCS), and global radial strain (GRS) using semi-automated syngo VVI.

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