ACUSON Redwood Ultrasound System

Pushing the boundaries of imaging, performance and value.

General information

Managing the costs of treating the chronic diseases of a growing aging population requires an ultrasound system that delivers on all fronts.

The ACUSON Redwood ultrasound system is a premium ultrasound system that delivers detailed image quality, advanced technologies and greater workflow efficiency.

21.5” LCD monitor & 13.3” Touch Display

High-resolution LCD flat panel ideal for flexibility. Optimized for exceptional performance, gray scale utilization and auto calibration

Transducer Technology

Next-generation InTune transducer technology with advanced materials, optimization and manufacturing resulting in the highest signal fidelity throughout the entire imaging chain.

Features & Clinical Images

Single-crystal piezoelectric transducer for more sensitivity

UltraArt for greater sensitivity and quad display

Reduce your Burden with Auto TEQ

Single-crystal designs provide improved sensitivity and bandwith where it’s needed most in clinical applications for both abdominal and cardicac transducers.

Select your imaging preferences at the touch of a button using a real-time quad display. Improve the contrast resolution of different anatomical structures.

AutoTEQ tissue equalization technology automatically optimizes relevant parameters so that operator adjustments are kept to a minimum. Supporting in both B-mode and PW Doppler imaging

Point Shear Wave (pSWE)

2D Shear Wave (2D SWE)

Strain Elastography

Syngo Velocity Vector Imaging (VVI)

Reproducible, reliable and detail tissue stiffness information supporting liver assessment can be quickly and easily obtained using our one-touch point Shear Wave technology.

Add another dimension to quantitative shear wave imaging with color-coded shear wave map for the breast and thyroid examination.

Virtual Touch Strain elastography provides a simple and qualitative measure of lesion stiffness relative to the surrounding tissues.

To address the increased use of speckle-tracking echocardiography, physicians need to non-invasively assess myocardial motion and mechanics.

Committed to your unique service needs

Our Customer Services portfolio is designed with flexibility in mind to meet your support needs throughout your system’s lifecycle. Service offerings can be scaled to meet your specific performance, education and budget requirements. Your Siemens Healthineers team is committed and well connected to help you deliver exceptional patient care.

Protect your patients.
Protect your investment.

With cybersecurity on everyone’s radar, maintaining the integrity of your system is paramount. That’s why we provide regular, seamless service updates to your system to keep your assets secure over the entire lifecycle.

To reduce system downtime, Siemens Healthineers provides a robust set of remote platforms and services designed to help you maximize system performance, stay secure and enhance uptime.

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