ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound Systems

When more is essential.

General information

The ACUSON Juniper was designed from the ground up to offer high-fidelity transmit and receive acoustic signals that greatly reduce noise and offer premium image quality and industry-leading elasticity solutions. This clinical versatility combined with the industry leading tissue elasticity imaging, ACUSON Juniper enables you to expand your Ultrasound clinical and service offerings across virtually all patient and case types.

B mode

Color mode

Lightweight Manuverability

21.5” LCD Monitor Display and 13.3” Touch Display

Transducer Ports

The ACUSON Juniper weighs an average of 27% less and is up to 36% smaller than other conventional systems in its class.

Wide monitor, large touch display, intuitive UI: highly adaptable workflow.

Five active transducer ports and one CW port, quick boot-up time: maximum productivity.

Features & Clinical Images

Image Every Patient

With its wide variety of clinical solutions and fast image acquisition, ACUSON Juniper can improve diagnostic confidence across all departments, from radiology, interventional radiology, and urology to cardiovascular, orthopedic, and obstetrics/gynecological imaging.

New level of clinical versatility

Scanning and answering tough clinical questions about virtually every patient regardless of their size, weight, or condition with 21 transducers are supported on ACUSON Juniper.

eSieImage optimization

Improve image quality and workflows by automatically optimizing imaging parameters while scanning.

Auto Flash Color Artifact Suppression

detect and prevent motion artifacts, reduce noise and enhance color sensitivity with no user interaction

Enhanced needle visualization

proprietary algorithm to improve the display of the needle during procedural guidance

LightSource rendering

enhances a more accurate representation of a fetus and Advanced fourSight Technology offers additional acquisition and post processing functions such as Thick Slice Imaging and Curved MPR

Strain Elastography (eSieTouch)

Provides a simple and qualitative measure of lesion stiffness relative to the surrounding tissues

Liver Elastography (pSWE)

Provides a fast and reproducible technique to quantify liver stiffness

syngo® Velocity Vector Imaging (VVI)

Speckle-tracking echocardiography to non-invasively assess myocardial motion and mechanics

ACUSON Juniper Select Edition

The ACUSON Juniper Select provides the same leading-edge imaging technology as the ACUSON Juniper.

This product option supports eight transducers (5C1, 12L3, 11L4, 5P1, 8VC3, 10MC3, CW2, CW5), limited software features and options compared to the ACUSON Juniper. The ACUSON Juniper Select has four transducer ports.

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